A treatment based on world-leading science

Joint Academy let research and experience from world-established medical experts lead the way. At the same time, we make sure to learn from our patients and their unique journeys. Studies of our treatment show that this is an efficient route.

A clinically validated treatment

Our science and peer-reviewed, published studies show that Joint Academy’s patients reduce their pain, change their mind about having surgery, and quit analgesics medication.


reduce their
joint pain


change their mind about having surgery


quit analgesics medication

Long-term outcomes

We’re proud to deliver long-lasting change for our patients. Our peer reviewed clinical 1 year outcomes show that Joint Academy has a lasting impact.

Joint pain

After 1 year with Joint Academy, patients reduce their joint pain with 44 %, on average. This is measured through patient reports on an NRS (numeric) scale on a weekly basis.

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Physical function

Patients who use Joint Academy for 1 year notice an improvement of physical function of 40 % on average. This is measured through an objective test of physical function where the patient stands up from a chair as many times as they can in 30 seconds.

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