Our clinical outcomes prove that our method works

We let the research and experience from the world's most notable PhD's, doctors, and physiotherapists guide our path, but we always make sure to listen and learn from our patients as well. As is evident in studies about our treatment, it is an effective approach.

Joint Academy has helped thousands of people. These are their results.

Joint Pain


After 30 weeks in the Joint Academy program, patients reduce their joint pain by 46% on average. This is measured through patient reports on an NRS scale every week. [1]

Joint pain image

Self-Assessed Health


After 15 weeks, patients in the Joint Academy program, on average increase their self-assessed health by 26%. The patient is asked on a weekly basis how they judge their health. [2]

Self-Assessed Health image

Physical Function


Those who use Joint Academy for 30 weeks experience an increase in physical function by 88% on average. This is measured through an objective functionality test where the patient rises from a chair as many times as possible in 30 seconds. [3]

Physical Function image


Fear of physical activity

Patients have, on average, 70% less fear of physical activity after 6 weeks of using Joint Academy.


Avoided surgery

24% of the patients answered they did not want surgery anymore after completing the 6 week intervention


Medication usage

Around 18% of the patients state to have reduced their painkiller usage after completing the program

[1,2,3] Published results are based on the six-week program

Research adds to our expertise

Since we value transparency, proficiency, and accuracy, our results are all published in scientific papers and confirmed by a third party.


Journal of Medical Internet Research

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JMIR Research Protocols

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