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The healthcare of tomorrow needs to be built by people who care and who are innovative as well as responsible. Do you want to greet the future together with us?

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We are Joint Academy

Father and son, Leif and Jakob Dahlberg, founded Joint Academy in 2014. From then two people we have today grown to over 50 employees, while keeping the family culture. At Joint Academy you’ll find a strong community focused on creative thinking and teamwork. Together we’re building a long-term osteoarthritis treatment which reduces joint pain of thousands of patients every month!







“We noticed that too many patients didn’t get proper care through the traditional healthcare system and wanted to change that. Today, we’re one of the biggest providers in Sweden. Now it’s time to deliver our service to the rest of the world.”

Jakob Dahlberg, founder and CEO at Joint Academy

What you can expect

Flexible working hours

At Joint Academy, we do our best to ensure everyone’s well-being. For example, you can decide when and where to work.

A focus on your health

If you’re feeling well, your work is feeling well. At Joint Academy everyone gets 120 minutes a week to exercise during working hours.

Make a real difference

We embrace your full potential, while you get to improve healthcare for millions of people with chronic joint pain.

5 ways we work

1. Science first, solutions second

When working with people’s health, it’s important to know you’re doing it right. For this reason, science and research is paramount to us.

2. Coming together to work together

We share a common cause, which makes it easier to help each other find the best solutions to the most difficult problems.

3. Slow and steady wins the race

At Joint Academy, we believe that slowly building a really good idea is better than rushing out five mediocre ones.

4. Invent, then reinvent

The world is constantly evolving, and therefore our minds, solutions, and way of working need to evolve as well.

5. Honesty keeps us grounded

Being open about what doesn’t work and why is just as important as finding reasons to why things do work.

Open positions

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