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Joint Academy is an all-in-one solution for treating back and chronic joint pain. Our physical therapists will tailor the treatment to your needs.

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Physical therapy for lower back pain

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Physical therapy for chronic joint pain

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  • Program length varies depending on your unique health needs and goals, but success with your personal lifestyle goals will determine the program duration. In addition, regular communication with your physical therapist will help guide this timeline.

  • Joint Academy is a personalized experience designed to support each individual's specific needs related to osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee and hip. This includes people who have recently been diagnosed with OA, have lived with the disease long term, and those attempting to avoid joint replacement surgery. Consider contacting your specific insurance plan to determine your coverage availability, or apply now as an individual by downloading the Joint Academy app.

  • Guided exercises, like the ones received here, have been proven by research as an effective treatment method for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Joint Academy's exercise program is designed to help strengthen the muscles necessary to stabilize and protect your painful hip or knee joint. In addition, as your muscles strengthen, the cartilage (material covering the surface of the joints, which acts as a shock absorber and allows for smooth sliding/gliding of the joint) is stimulated to repair itself. Also worth considering, is not all types of strength and activity are the same when addressing osteoarthritis. Highly active individuals may inadvertently miss strengthening the specific muscles needed to achieve relief from their joint pain.

  • The program officially starts the day after you complete your registration and you have been assigned to a physical therapist. Again, you may choose to begin your daily exercises and lessons before your initial phone consultation.

  • Patients can have co-morbidities and other painful/dysfunctional joints, such as low back or neck and shoulder pain. At this time, Joint Academy only treats individuals with hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA). Therefore, patients are only appropriate candidates for the program if they have hip or knee OA and should only be signing up if they are seeking treatment for this diagnosis. Joint Academy will likely expand to other body regions in the future but at this time this is our current focus.

  • As a healthcare company, Joint Academy takes security and patient privacy very seriously. We operate in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. Our company is committed to providing best-in-class physical, technical, and administrative controls to protect your personal information. (See Privacy Policy: https://www.jointacademy.com/us/en/policy/)

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