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Patients treated


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Patient satisfaction


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Start improving your joint and back pain in just 5 minutes a day.

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Download the Joint Academy app to your smartphone from App Store or Google Play.

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Connect with a personal licensed physiotherapist that will help you get started.

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Every day you get to complete two easy physical exercises that help reduce pain.

All-in-one solution for joint and back pain

Clinically proven to reduce pain. Available on your phone anywhere.

A personal physiotherapist

Get 1-on-1 support from a licensed physiotherapist through video and voice call. Available on-demand throughout your treatment.

Exercises and physical activities

Every day you get two easy exercises with video instructions that help strengthen muscles around joints to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Goals and progress tracking

Set goals for your pain improvement and track your progress each week in the app. Get daily reminders on your phone to stay motivated.

Thousands of improved lives

More than 100,000 patients treated with a reported 99% patient satisfaction.

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Personal guidance and support

Our physiotherapist are certified experts on joint and back pain.

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Angelica Ling

Licensed physiotherapist

Cathrine Karlsson

Licensed physiotherapist

Sven Thomsson

Licensed physiotherapist

Elisabet Boulanger

Licensed physiotherapist

Ready to help you reach your goals

  • Certified experts on chronic joint pain
  • Available every day of the week
  • Ready to answer questions via chat
  • There for you throughout the treatment
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A clinically proven treatment

Our peer-reviewed studies and ongoing research show that Joint Academy patients reduce their pain, change their minds about surgery, and quit analgesics medication.


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