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Doing an exercise that takes two minutes by your kitchen chair sounds like a joke, but after a few weeks I noticed an improvement.

Lotta decreased her pain with Joint Academy.

How does Joint Academy work?

Tell us about your health

After downloading the app, you get to answer a few questions about your health to make sure that your physical therapist understands how you and your joints are feeling.

Contact with a physical therapist

When your physical therapist has looked over your answers, you get contacted for a phone call.

Start your treatment

You get a tailored treatment plan from your personal physical therapist that you stay in touch with for as long as you stay in the treatment.

Let us introduce some of our physical therapists!

Christian Anker-Hansen
physical therapist

Christian Anker-Hansen

Sofie Davidsson
physical therapist

Sofie Davidsson

Jonna Johansson
physical therapist

Jonna Johansson

Decrease your pain without medication or surgery

Joint Academy has published world-leading clinical studies of the treatment that shows that you can reduce your joint pain in just a few weeks - and halve it in a year! All of this without any medication or surgery.

chart-pain-enCreated with Sketch.21% reduced painAFTER6 WEEKS46% reduced painAFTER20 WEEKSDays with Joint AcademyPain

A pocket-sized osteoarthritis treatment

  • Secure data and payments
  • Your health plan may cover you
  • Licensed and vetted physical therapists

Monthly fee


Treat your osteoarthritis online

Personal activities

Personal activities

Do physical activities tailored to you and learn about osteoarthritis in interactive lessons.

Personal physical therapist

Personal physical therapist

Receive frequent feedback and unlimited access to your specialist throughout your treatment.

Real results

Real results

Keep track of your progress with measuring tools and get results that last.

I was concerned that I would become dependent on a wheelchair, and I was surprised by how much better I got from doing the exercises in a short amount of time.

The big difference with this treatment is that you can do your exercises and go through the education whenever you want, without booking a time to go see a physical therapist.

I’m never in pain. That was long ago. I feel like it disappeared after a few weeks.

Discover life with healthier joints


patients have gone through the program.


of the patients decreased their joint pain.


would recommend the treatment to a friend.

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