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Better life.

Personal licensed Physical Therapist

Easy activities to reduce your pain

Tools to track your progress

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Less joint pain

86% of our patients reduce their hip and knee pain. Less pain means your everyday life getting easier.

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Our Physical Therapists will do their best to get you back to the activities you love.

More knowledge

Greater understanding gives you better tools for a healthy and active life with osteoarthritis.

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“I can’t imagine a day without Joint Academy”


An investment in your health.

Personal Physical Therapist

Activities to reduce your pain

Education in joint pain

Tools to track your progress


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A licensed Physical Therapist. Just for you.

The Physical Therapist we connect you with is available to answer your messages every day of the week. The physical therapist also keeps an eye on your progress in the treatment, making sure that you stay on track and don’t lose sight of your goals.

Don’t take it from us.

“I don’t need any painkillers or surgery and I can still continue to play tennis.”

Robert, Joint Academy patient

“It took me five minutes a day to make a difference and feel good again.”

Lotta, Joint Academy patient

“I never have pain. It was a long time ago and it disappeared after a few weeks with Joint Academy.”

Ake, Joint Academy patient


The truth about treating joint pain.

Science can be hard to understand. What you need to know is this: several scientific studies show that Joint Academy works.

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