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5 minutes of Joint Academy a day can make hip and knee pain go away. Joint Academy reduces the need for pills and surgery with help from licensed Physical Therapists.


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“I don’t need any painkillers or surgery and I can still continue to play tennis.”

Robert, Joint Academy patient

“It took me five minutes a day to make a difference and feel good again.”

Lotta, Joint Academy patient

“I never have pain. It was a long time ago and it disappeared after a few weeks with Joint Academy.”

Ake, Joint Academy patient


An extra job like the one you have, but different.

Work with Joint Academy and be part of something bigger.

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“It gives me the flexibility to work from home, which suits my life situation perfectly.”

Jonna, licensed Physical Therapist

“It’s easier to follow up with the patients, give individual feedback, and confirm that they get better.”

Emelie, licensed Physical Therapist


Offer a treatment that is meaningful for all.

Improving lives should be beneficial for all parties.

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“It’s a better service at a better price, so it’s twice as good. Joint Academy gives more flexibility for all.”

Euro Accident, Joint Academy partner

“I think Joint Academy is excellent. It has a scientific foundation and that is the key to success. That is important to remember.”

GHP Total Care, Joint Academy parter


Science can be inconclusive. In this case, it’s not.

The key to decreasing chronic joint pain isn’t pills or surgery. Instead, physical therapy, education and coaching are the sustainable solution. Science doesn’t have an agenda – it just happens to support our claim.

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