Treat hip and knee pain from home

  • Personal licensed physical therapist
  • Easy activities to reduce your pain
  • Tools to track your progress
  • Covered by health plans

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“I don’t need any painkillers or surgery and I can still play tennis.”– Robert

“It took me five minutes a day to make a difference and feel good.”– Lotta

“My pain disappeared after a few weeks with Joint Academy.”– Åke

How it works

Specific training improves the stability of the joint and protects it from damage. The app makes it easy to connect with a licensed physical therapist, get reminders, and track your progress. This boosts motivation and improves treatment results.

A physical therapist

Your physical therapist is always available and supports you throughout the treatments.

Personalized exercises

Physical activities that automatically adjust to you as you get better. And they only take 5 minutes a day.

Progress tracking

It’s easy for both you and your physical therapist to follow up on your progress from week to week.

Patient stories

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A licensed Physical Therapist.
Just for you.

The Physical Therapist we connect you with is available to answer your messages every day of the week. The physical therapist also keeps an eye on your progress in the treatment, making sure that you stay on track and don’t lose sight of your goals.

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No pills. No surgery. Just healthier joints.

Our peer-reviewed studies and ongoing research show that Joint Academy patients reduce their pain, change their minds about surgery, and quit analgesics medication.


reduce their
joint pain


change their mind about having surgery


quit analgesics medication

Invest in your health

  • Personal Physical Therapist
  • Activities to reduce your pain
  • Education about joint pain
  • Tools to track your progress

Your health plan or employer might have you covered.


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