A Real-Life Example: How to Treat More Members While Reducing MSK Cost

July 23, 2020

Euro Accident is one of Sweden’s leading specialists in health insurance. To offer the best possible health care to their members, they work hard to ensure that all their affiliated providers are of the best quality. A while ago, Euro Accident chose Joint Academy as their first-line treatment for osteoarthritis – and here, you’ll take part in both how they solved chronic hip and knee pain, but also how you can achieve the same results as they did.

One of Sweden’s Leading Specialists in Health Insurance

Euro Accident is a leading specialist in health-related insurance and employee wellbeing in Sweden. They provide a comprehensive range of health insurance options and health services to Swedish companies to help them succeed with their health and work environment strategies.

For a long time, Euro Accident experienced high costs due to hip and knee joint replacement surgeries. A few years ago, they started to perform independent medical examinations before this kind of surgery. By then, they realized there was often a lack of accurate and personal rehabilitation before the decision to perform total joint replacements was made. According to Euro Accident, many surgeries were not medically motivated – and they wanted to avoid this. To Euro Accident, it was – and is – important to only offer surgery to the patients who actually need it.

Using Virtual Care to Make Healthcare More Equal and Available

Euro Accident partnered with Joint Academy to deliver an evidence-based online rehabilitation solution – for osteoarthritis in hip and knee – to their members. According to Euro Accident, the digital solution means equal healthcare for everyone, a reduced amount of surgeries, and cost-savings compared to physical rehabilitation

“According to Euro Accident, the digital solution means equal healthcare for everyone, a reduced amount of surgeries, and cost-savings compared to physical rehabilitation.”

To offer equal service to all members, digital healthcare is central in Euro Accident’s strategy. Since they have members that have to travel a long way to meet with a physical therapist, they now can provide some of them to start their treatment directly – without waiting.

Virtual Care for Chronic Joint Pain: The outcomes

By collaborating with Joint Academy, Euro Accident has reduced costs for orthopedic visits and diagnostics. Also, they have been able to postpone total joint replacements. Furthermore, Euro Accident have more than doubled the number of members getting treatment for hip and knee pain via Joint Academy.

Euro Accident’s Results

  • Reduced costs for orthopedic visits and diagnostics
  • Met the rising demand for digital treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Money saved by avoiding unnecessary joint replacements

How to Achieve the Same Results as Euro Accident – by Providing Virtual Care

What Is Virtual Care?

Virtual care, also called telemedicine, means virtual visits (including consultation, advice, and treatment) between patients with doctors, nurses, or other healthcare providers through communications technology. Video, audio, or chat functionalities allows “virtual” meetings to occur in real-time – from any location. This type of digital care is particularly well-suited when it comes to e.g. chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, or heart disease), when a patient has decreased mobility, when a patient lives in a remote area with scarce medical care, or when a patient is unable to leave work or disrupt family life.

The Virtual Clinic for Chronic Joint Pain

Joint Academy is a digital clinic providing first-line treatment for chronic hip and knee pain, delivered by physical therapists through an optimized digital platform – including:

  • Contact with a licensed physical therapist
  • A personalized exercise program to reduce pain
  • Tools to track the patient’s progress
  • Daily reminders that help the patient to reach their goals

A 3-Step Process for a Smooth Launch With Joint Academy

  1. Clinically validated screening
    Joint Academy’s screening tool lets you find and enroll the right people
  2. Real-time eligibility check
    Joint Academy leverage industry best practices to verify eligibility through real-time transactions
  3. Marketing and enrollment
    Joint Academy delivers a turnkey marketing strategy to enroll and engage your population

The Importance of Simplicity, Rapid Implementation, and Clear Results

  • Launching a virtual physical therapy clinic with Joint Academy does not involve any upfront costs
  • Simple pricing per month per active patient
  • Member size or geography doesn’t matter
  • Convenient billing and contracting: Joint Academy contract as an in-network provider and billing is claims-based
  • Outreach, onboarding, enrollment, and reporting is included
  • Joint Academy marketing materials and co-branded landing pages
  • Quickly and effectively reach patients in need
  • Once established, patients can get treatment immediately
  • Results can be seen within only a few weeks

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