Privacy policy

1. Background

1.1 We take seriously our registered users’ and visitors’ privacy. Therefore, Arthro Therapeutics will comply with this privacy policy. In this policy, you will find information on our use of your Personal Information and Protected Health Information (“PHI”) and what measures have taken to protect it. The privacy policy applies to (the “Website” as further defined below), a website owned and operated in the United States by Arthro Therapeutics, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its parent company, Arthro Therapeutics AB (collectively, “Arthro Therapeutics”). For users and visitors outside the United States, please see the privacy policy at

1.2 Protected Health Information.
We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy and integrity of protected health information that we receive as part of your application for or participation in the our Services (“PHI”). PHI is Personal) Information that we receive as part of your application for or participation in the our program that relates to (a) your past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition, (b) the provision of health care to you, or (c) your past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care, which is created, received, transmitted, or maintained by the Company. This Privacy Policy describes how we protect your privacy as a visitor to, or general user of our Site, our Mobile App and Services. You have additional rights under federal and state law with respect to the access to, use, and disclosure of Personal Information that constitutes PHI.

2. Definitions

2.1 “you” or “your” means you, the natural person, who uses the Website and who has understood and agrees to the terms of this privacy policy.

2.2 The “Website” means the websites that are owned or managed by Arthro Therapeutics, currently at, and from which the Service is available.

2.3 The “Service”, means the services that are provided by Arthro Therapeutics through the Website.

2.4 “Account”, means the personal user account that you can register on the Website in order to use the Service.

2.5 “Arthro Therapeutics” means Arthro Therapeutics, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its parentcompany Arthro Therapeutics AB, Swedish company registration number 556941-9210, both in their capacity as provider of the Website and the Service and, when applicable, in their capacity as health care providers.

2.6 “Healthcare Provider” means a health care unit, i.e. a legal person or entity separate from Arthro Therapeutics, which may provide you health care outside the Service.

2.7 Should no other definition be provided in this privacy policy, words with initial capital letter shall be interpreted in accordance with our Terms of Use, which are available on the Website.

3. General information about your personal information

3.1 “Personal Information” means, in this privacy policy, all information by which you directly or indirectly can be identified, including, but not limited to, your name, your address, your Social Security number, your Internet protocol (“IP”) address, your health and medical information, your payment information, your login information, your e-mail address and any other information through which you can be identified.

3.2 Arthro Therapeutics is, except as otherwise stated, the controller of your Personal Information according to applicable law in the United States and is thereby responsible for the processing of the Personal Information you provide to Arthro Therapeutics or which Arthro Therapeutics otherwise collects about you. Regarding registered users, your Personal Information is processed with the general purpose to provide the Service. The specific purposes of the processing are stated below in this privacy policy. By registering for an Account, you give your consent to the processing of your Personal Information for such purposes.

3.3 You have the right to get information about your Personal Information that is processed by Arthro Therapeutics by contacting Arthro Therapeutics in writing (you will find our contact details in paragraph 12 below). You are permitted to withdraw a consent that you have previously given to Arthro Therapeutics regarding the processing of your Personal Information. Please note that such withdrawal might mean that you no longer can be provided the Service. Withdrawal of consent shall be made in writing to one of our addresses stated in this privacy policy. However, you are only entitled to demand that Arthro Therapeutics ceases to process such Personal Information, which is processed due to your consent, and not in regards to Personal Information that Arthro Therapeutics is processing upon another legal basis. For example, Arthro Therapeutics is in their capacity of health care provider under legal obligation to preserve medical records for a certain time.

3.4 For the information that you provide to your Healthcare Provider, the Healthcare Provider is responsible for the treatment of your Personal Information in accordance with applicable laws. For Personal Information, the Healthcare Provider is considered the personal data controller, whereas Arthro Therapeutics, when applicable, is considered a personal data assistant. In the legal relationship between you and Arthro Therapeutics, Arthro Therapeutics commits to process your data in accordance with such agreements that are entered into between a Healthcare Provider and Arthro Therapeutics.

4. Account

4.1 If you wish to register for an Account to use our Service, you need to provide us with certain Personal Information, such as, but not limited to, name, Social Security number and e-mail address. Such information that you provide is used to: a) enable a secure login, b) enable your contact with Arthro Therapeutics or a Healthcare Provider, and for them to communicate with you, c) enable storage of the information that you provide, to make your progress and history available to you, and d) enable technical updates and to improve your experience with the Website.

4.2 Furthermore, information about your health condition such as, but not limited to, your gender, your weight and height, which joints you experience pain in, is collected with your Account registration. Such information may be used for other purposes, as stated in paragraph 4.3 below.

4.3 At registration, Arthro Therapeutics will request information about your insurance and payment information, to contact your insurance company, and to utilize the insurance for payment purposes. This information is optional, and by providing it you confirm that you understand that Arthro Therapeutics will contact your insurance company on your behalf and that Arthro Therapeutics thereby will provide the insurance company with your name and social security number.

4.4 You may at any time add or edit your information on the Website and in the Service, except for your Login information; and to delete and remove your information in connection to deactivating your Account.

5. Health Data

5.1 In addition to the Personal Information that you provide upon registration of an Account, you will be asked to provide information about your health and illness (“Health data”) in connection to your use of the Service. Health data is, per law, to be considered as sensitive data and are to be treated in a special manner.

5.2 Arthro Therapeutics will process your Health data for health care and medical purposes only to provide you with preventive health care, to make medical diagnoses, to provide you with care or treatments and to administrate health care.

5.3 In accordance with this privacy policy, by using the Service, you give your consent to Arthro Therapeutics’ processing of your Health data as stated above.

6. Security

6.1 Arthro Therapeutics will protect your privacy and integrity. We understand that your Personal Information should be treated with the utmost caution. We therefore apply high security standards on the Website and in the Service.

6.2 Arthro Therapeutics will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your Personal Information is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. Any Personal Information provided to us will be stored on secure servers, and we use the highest standards of SSL certificates. While it is never completely safe to transfer information via the Internet and mobile networks, we try to do our best to protect your Personal Information. This means that any transmission is made at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we have strict procedures and security controls to reduce, if not prevent, unauthorized access to your information.

6.3 It is important that you take your responsibility to ensure that your information is protected. You are advised to treat your login information to the Website and the Service as confidential. You are responsible for keeping Login information secret by not disclosing it to anyone else.

7. Privacy law and regulations

7.1 Arthro Therapeutics is, in its capacity as health care provider, obliged to comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations such as HIPAA. Arthro Therapeutics’ responsibility includes an obligation to keep your patient medical records, in order to maintain satisfactory and safe health care. Arthro Therapeutics will protect your medical records and the information therein in accordance with law.

8. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

8.1 Except as expressly stated herein or in our Terms of Use, Arthro Therapeutics will not sell, share, or rent your Personal Information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mailings. Any e-mails sent by Arthro Therapeutics or Healthcare Providers will be sent in strict accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and our Terms of Use.

8.2 However, Arthro Therapeutics may disclose your Personal Information to: a) our suppliers, who act as our personal data assistants and only in accordance with our instructions, for providing the Website and the Service, b) your Healthcare Provider, for the purpose of providing the Service, and to c) regulatory authorities or legal advisors in connection with alleged offenses or suspected breaches of our Terms of Use, or when Arthro Therapeutics is obliged to disclose or share your Personal Information in order to meet its obligations under law.

9. Cookies

9.1 Arthro Therapeutics uses cookies when you visit the Website. Cookies are used to enable a better function of and to collect statistics on the use of the Website. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers, which are stored on your device’s (such as computer or tablet) hard drive through your web browser when using the Website. You can command your browser to refuse cookies altogether. You are of course free to refuse cookies, but then you might not be able to use our Service.

10. Links to third party websites

10.1 The Website may, from time to time, contain links to and from websites provided by third parties. If you follow a link to any of these websites, we advise you to note that such websites have their own privacy policies and that Arthro Therapeutics under no circumstances vouches for such websites or their policies. Hence, we encourage you to check the privacy policy of each website before you disclose any Personal Information.

11. Changes

11.1 Arthro Therapeutics may, from time to time, change this privacy policy. You will be notified of all changes by e-mail to your registered email address and the new version of the privacy policy will be published on the Website. All changes take effect automatically thirty (30) days after publication. However, if Arthro Therapeutics makes changes to the privacy policy which are deemed necessary for Arthro Therapeutics to fulfill legal obligations or authorities’ opinions or decisions, the new privacy policy will take effect immediately after its publication on the Website.

12. Contact

12.1 To make contact with Arthro Therapeutics, email us at: If you would like to send us a letter, you can address it to: Arthro Therapeutics, Inc., 470 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA, or Arthro Therapeutics AB, Västergatan 22, 211 21 Malmö, Sweden. If you would rather call us, we are available at telephone number: 650 360 0982 in the United States, or +46 (0) 725 48 04 00 outside the United States.

13. Version control

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