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Joint Academy combines patient experiences with clinical evidence and digital technology. The treatment is tried and true, but the format is new.

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Work on your terms

Work from home or from the beach, in the morning or before bed – it’s your choice.

Make a difference

With the Joint Academy tool, it’s easier for you to help your patients reach their goals.

Get rewarded

Because improving lives shouldn’t just be rewarding for your patients.

Hear Tianna’s story

“I can work with Joint Academy wherever I’m at.”

Tianna, Physical Therapist


Be part of something bigger.

The Physical Therapists working with Joint Academy have different backgrounds, but they’re all working towards the same goal: increased quality of life for osteoarthritis patients.

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“It’s a different way of working. I think it’s fun and exciting. The patients’ graphs show how they’re feeling, and most of them get much better during the first weeks. Just imagine how well they could be feeling in a few months!”

Jonna, Physical Therapist

Healthy and happy patients.

“I don’t need any painkillers or surgery and I can still continue to play tennis.”

Robert, Joint Academy patient

“It took me five minutes a day to make a difference and feel good again.”

Lotta, Joint Academy patient

“I never have pain. It was a long time ago and it disappeared after a few weeks with Joint Academy.”

Ake, Joint Academy patient


Great science. Better care.

Research, combined with exceptional care from our Physical Therapists, has proven to be an effective approach to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms.

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