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Treat patients with joint and back pain online

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  • If you’re a licensed physical therapist
  • Want to treat more patients with joint and back pain
  • Want to work wherever it suits you
  • Looking for an extra source of income

Our 300 physical therapists have treated more than 100,000 patients online

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How it works

We match you with patients

As a physical therapist you match with patients through Joint Academy. You start out by diagnosing patients and then move on and tailor the treatment program to their specific needs. Together you work towards reaching goals and reducing joint pain.

You treat patients online

The treatment is available through the Joint Academy app where patients take part in their tailored program. Patients continuously report their pain and function allowing you to follow their progress and offer support. You will communicate with patients through the app.

Get rewarded

Working with Joint Academy offers great flexibility and can easily be combined with other activities, such as working at a clinic or parental leave. This allows you the freedom to choose when, and where to work – while helping more patients reduce their joint pain.

Meet our physical therapists

“Joint Academy makes it easy for me to communicate with my patients which makes it easier to support them and help them achieve long-term results.”

Angelica Ling

Physical therapist

“The online platform allows me to treat patients wherever they live. It is more accessable and effective.”

Cathrine Karlsson

Physical therapist

“With Joint Academy I can easily treat more paitients outside of my physical clinic. This saves a lot of resources for both me and patients.”

Josef Hansson-Böe

Physical therapist

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With Joint Academy you get

To treat more patients

Work wherever and whenever

An extra source of income

Education about joint and back pain

Connect with other physical therapists

Attend webinars on joint and back pain