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With Joint Academy, you connect with a personal physical therapist and get a tailored treatment program designed to reduce shoulder pain.

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Every day you will get two easy exercises that help reduce pain.

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“When I started Joint Academy I had significant shoulder pain. But already after a month, I noticed improvement. Now my pain has gone from 9 to 2 in one shoulder, and 9 to 1 in the other.”

Martin, Joint Academy patient

All-in-one solution for shoulder pain

A personal physical therapist

A personal physical therapist

Get 1-on-1 support from a licensed physical therapist through video and voice call. Available on-demand throughout your treatment.

Exercises and physical activities

Exercises and physical activities

Every day you get two easy exercises with video instructions that help strengthen muscles around joints to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Groups and progress tracking

Groups and progress tracking

Join a group and work together to improve your pain. Track your progress each week and get daily reminders on your phone to stay motivated.

“Pain in the shoulder can be troublesome. But with the right exercises, improved shoulder control and increased understanding of shoulder function and anatomy, you can get rid of the pain and return to everyday life and work more quickly.”

Amanda, physical therapist on Joint Academy

Example of exercises for shoulder

Frequently asked questions

  • At Joint Academy, you can receive treatment for subacromial shoulder pain. Subacromial shoulder pain is an umbrella term used to describe pain that originates from the shoulder, which accounts for the majority of shoulder pain where no underlying accident has occurred. The pain may for instance be caused by an inflamed tendon or bursa.

  • When you download the app, you will be asked a few questions. Based on your answers, you will either be connected to one of our licensed physical therapists, or referred to another care provider. Together with the physical therapist, you will review your symptoms and medical history to ensure that our treatment is suitable for you.

  • During your program you will each day receive two easy exercises with video instructions in the app. These take around 5-10 minutes to perform. After completing an exercise, you will report to your physical therapist how it went. If necessary, your physical therapist will tailor the exercise to your level of pain and physical ability. Initially, the exercises will be of a simpler nature so that you get used to the movements and find the right technique. The exercises will gradually increase in difficulty as you become stronger, experience less pain and feel safer. This increase is guided by your physical therapist and based upon the feedback you provide in your follow-ups.

  • When you start your treatment, you will be connected with a physical therapist who will help you get started with your individual exercise program. You then will have regular follow-ups as your physical therapist supports you throughout the treatment. Together, you set goals for your pain improvement and can track your progress each week. Your physical therapist is available for questions every day of the week in the app.

  • No, you do not need to have an X-ray to start treatment with Joint Academy.

  • Today, exercise is recommended as the first-line treatment for shoulder pain, together with education to give you a better insight into your pain, what it means and how you can manage it. Joint Academy’s digital treatment program is evidence-based and is developed so that everyone can be offered treatment and education for shoulder pain.

  • There is no waiting time to start treatment. It only takes a few minutes to register in the app.

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