Improving people’s lives should be rewarding.

Restoring movement to those who need it shouldn’t be expensive – it should be easy.

Healthcare, we have a problem.

Inefficient treatment methods lead to increased costs and decreased quality of life.


The costs related to osteoarthritis are growing exponentially. A single patient costs $10,000 a year, on average.


Due to high demand, doctors are prescribing medications – which have been proven inefficient for chronic pain.


Joint replacement surgery has a mortality of 0.25% and has been proven to be unnecessary in up to 1/3 of all procedures.

IN 2008

Sweden got ahead of this problem.

Sweden is the first country in the world to reduce total joint replacements. An intervention in 2008, called BOA, which builds upon physical therapy, support from medical professionals, and weight control, made this possible. Joint Academy is the digital version.

IN 2015

Joint Academy scaled up the solution.

By building upon the knowledge collected by BOA, Joint Academy has made the qualitative osteoarthritis treatment available to more patients, by scaling it to the US. With the digital tool, engagement has increased – meaning better results.





Human experience is just as important as research.

Healthcare may start with research and science, but it’s just as important that it’s carried out by caring professionals. The licensed Physical Therapists we work with are all great – both at their job and as human beings.

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Patients come for the treatment and stay for the results.

In addition to reducing medical spend and decreasing the need for surgery and medication, we can also boast these numbers:


Our 3-month retention

Net promoter Score

Our patients are happy

Results for the patients. Return of interest for you.

<1 year

Get your investment back in less than a year.


Average savings per year per patient.


Reduction of osteoarthritis-related costs.

Implementation made easy.

Transparent pricing based on engagement

Billed through traditional medical claims and part of your in-network providers

We are a licensed healthcare provider in all states we operate in

Engaging co-branded campaigns, integration into other platforms and processes for digital referrals


Per engaged patient

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Healthy and happy patients.

“I don’t need any painkillers or surgery and I can still continue to play tennis.”

Robert, Joint Academy patient

“It took me five minutes a day to make a difference and feel good again.”

Lotta, Joint Academy patient

“I never have pain. It was a long time ago and it disappeared after a few weeks with Joint Academy.”

Ake, Joint Academy patient

Joint Academy is held to the highest standards.

Joint Academy has industry-leading security. We are CE-certified and HIPAA-compliant. In addition, our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, ensuring the highest benchmarks in host network encryption. All data is stored within the US.

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