Turmeric – Can it help with joint pain?

Joint pain is very common and may be due to several causes. A few examples of the causes include inflammation, rheumatic diseases and osteoarthritis. Regular exercise and training is usually recommended to relieve the discomfort that occurs with joint pain. Among the other alternatives that many people turn to are natural remedies such as turmeric or rose hip powder. Turmeric has long been used as alternative medicine thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is said to contain an antioxidant that is ten times stronger than vitamins. However, there is currently no clear scientific evidence to show that natural remedies help with osteoarthritis.

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A multifaceted herb

Turmeric is an herb that is part of the ginger family. Its origins are in Asia and there are over 30 different varieties of the plant. Thanks to several good properties, such as an anti-inflammatory effect, the plant is said to counteract everything from inflammation to diseases such as diabetes. The herb is not dangerous to humans and can be used in large amounts, e.g. when cooking.  For persons who want to try turmeric but don’t want to use it in fresh or powdered form, it can be found in capsule form.

Turmeric as powder

The herb is sold both as capsules and as a powder. The recommended dose is one tablespoon per day. If you want to use the herb in powder form, you can make a nice cup of golden milk, for example. There are several different recipes for this beverage, but a standard recipe calls for one teaspoon of turmeric paste, three deciliter

The fresh root can also be shredded and mixed into a salad, for example. You can also use it in a smoothie. When blending fruit, milk or yogurt, you can also add turmeric’s cousin, ginger. The herb is said to be good against acne, other inflammation in the body and to counteract tumors.

Health benefits with turmeric

Five percent of the content of turmeric consists of the substance curcumin, which gives it its golden color. It is also the part that inhibits inflammation. In ayurvedic medicine, a form of medicine from India, the plant has been used for thousands of years against many different ailments. It is said that the root of many diseases is chronic inflammation in the body, and that turmeric can help prevent it.

Improve absorption

If you are suffering from joint problems or osteoarthritis and want to start eating turmeric, it is important to do this in the right way. In order to improve the absorption of substances in the body, chili or black pepper should added. It can be rather strong, and one option is to put the mixture into empty capsules and swallow them whole. Empty capsules can usually be purchased at the pharmacy or in health food stores.

Further studies needed

When it comes to osteoarthritis, there is still no cure. What can be done is to relieve the pain and stiffness that occurs. The form of treatment that is recommended for this and which is strongly supported by science, first and foremost, is guided exercise. Regular activity is the treatment that physicians, physiotherapists and organizations such as the National Board of Health and Welfare recommend. In addition, the affected person is free to experiment with various types of alternative remedies, such as turmeric and rose hip powder.

However, it is important to remember that there is no scientific support for turmeric as an actual form of treatment for osteoarthritis. Additional studies are needed to determine its health benefits in terms of inflammation and joint pain. Turmeric currently provides mostly a placebo effect. However, everyone is free to try the herb as an additive to their everyday food.

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