Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Symptoms of osteoarthritis often develop slowly over time, which means that it can take a long time before a person seeks treatment for the disease. Usually the affected joint (or joints) causes more and more pain, primarily during exertion. Eventually the affected joint becomes stiffer, painful and more difficult to use. This impacts a person’s everyday life more and more.

There are several signs of osteoarthritis, the most common of which is simply having pain in the hips, knees or in an affected joint. But there are also other symptoms to keep a lookout for.

Stiff joints are an early sign of osteoarthritis

Having stiff joints, primarily in the morning or after having been seated a while is common. Stiff joints are often the first symptoms of osteoarthritis. For osteoarthritis of the hips, the first sign is usually difficulty twisting the leg outwards, while for osteoarthritis in the knees, it can be difficult to get up out of an armchair.

Joint pain during exertion is the symptom of arthritis for which most people seek treatment

This is often the symptom for which people affected by osteoarthritis seek treatment. For example, perhaps it is painful in the knees when bending, where there is pain in the hips when strained.

Swelling can be another symptom of osteoarthritis

It is not unusual for an increase in heat and swelling around the affected joint. This is harmless and is nothing to be concerned about. Often this disappears relatively quickly with training and exercise.

Pain at rest a later symptom of osteoarthritis

As the disease becomes worse, it may be that pain develops even at rest. If this symptom develops, it is time to seek treatment.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis vary from person to person in terms of when and how quickly the disease develops – it can be everything from a few months to several years. In addition, osteoarthritis is a disease that flares up intermittently, which means that it is noticed more or less over different periods. But it is a good idea to continue with the training even if you are in a good period, since there is a high risk that the joint pain will come back.

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