The next generation of MSK treatment

Chronic joint and back pain brings costly problems. Joint Academy brings an efficient solution – both for you and your members.


Results for the patients. ROI for you.

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The right treatment at the right time

Joint Academy makes it easy for you to follow international guidelines for osteoarthritis treatment, which in turn improves the quality of life for your patients.

Evidence-based treatment for chronic joint pain

Specific training leads to a more stable and protected joint. The Joint Academy app makes it easy to know what exercises to do and how to do them. Plus, the physical therapist, daily reminders, and tracking tools boost both motivation and results!

A personal Physical Therapist

Each patient is paired with a personal lic. physical therapist that guides them on their journey from day one. Unlimited calls and messages are included.

Individualized physical activities

When registering for the treatment, the patient fills in information about their general and joint health. Based on this information, the patient’s treatment is tailored to them.

Interactive lessons

The interactive education provided in Joint Academy empowers the patients by helping them understand, handle, and treat their condition.

Progress tracking

The patient’s functionality and pain development is tracked over time. This allows both the patient and the Physical Therapist to see the progress.

Patients come for the treatment and stay for the results

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Cathrine Karlsson

Physical therapist


Angelica Ling

Physical therapist


Elisabet Boulanger

Physical therapist


Sven Thomsson

Physical therapist


Medical professionals at your service

  • Over 300 lic. physical therapists in Joint Academy are ready to treat your population.

  • All our medical professionals have gone through the Joint Academy certification program.

  • We are a licensed Healthcare Provider in each state that we operate in.

Patient stories

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A 3-step process for a smooth launch


Clinically validated screening
Our screening tool lets you find and enroll the right people.


Realtime eligibility check
We leverage industry best practices to verify eligibility through real time transactions.


Marketing & enrollment
We deliver a turnkey marketing strategy to enroll and engage your population.

Convenient billing & contracting

We contract as an in-network provider and billing is claims based.

Joint Academy is held to the highest standards

Joint Academy has industry-leading security. We are CE-certified and HIPAA-compliant. In addition, our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, ensuring the highest benchmarks in host network encryption. All data is stored within the US.

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