Case study: Humana improves member outcomes while reducing costs utilizing Joint Academy in the Desert Pacific Region.

March 1, 2022

As a health insurance company, Humana is working to make healthcare more accessible and personalized to its members. Humana recently chose Joint Academy as their partner in the Desert Pacific region to be able to offer digital first-line treatment for chronic joint and lower back pain to their members. 

The Humana strategy is to align incentives that focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing the total cost of care. When total joint replacement surgery costs $30,000, the need for preventive care like physical therapy is crucial.

An opportunity to tackle today’s challenges

One of the top concerns the Humana members faced was direct access to affordable high-quality care for joint and back pain. For Humana, follow up on member participation, satisfaction and outcomes were limited. Additionally, many of the members who were prescribed traditional physical therapy never took part, or their compliance with the treatment was low. This called for a new, innovative treatment solution. 

Read about the solution in the case study

Read more about Humana and Joint Academy’s partnership in the case study. Here, you’ll learn how Humana offers members a way to decrease chronic joint pain – with a low cost, low-risk at-home solution that drives high engagement and better outcomes for patients. 

Find out more about Humana’s journey with Joint Academy in the case study.