Joint Academy welcomes Blue Shield California, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Rhode Island, Humana, and more in the fight against the chronic joint pain crisis

November 24, 2021

Joint Academy’s digital treatments for chronic joint and back pain are now available to tens of millions of Americans through some of the country’s largest health plans. As of today, people covered by Blue Shield California, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Rhode Island, Humana, United, Chenmed, and more, can access the Joint Academy treatments as part of the health plan.

Chronic joint pain is one of the fastest-growing illnesses of our time — 25 percent of American adults already live with the disease. Joint Academy has already treated thousands of people in the US, and more than 70 000 people globally. 85% of people going through Joint Academy’s treatment say they reduce their pain after only six weeks.

Joint Academy was founded in 2014 and offers evidence-based treatment that includes unlimited direct access to a personal licensed physical therapist, an individualized exercise program, interactive education, and progress tracking. The treatment is used by tens of thousands of people every week who manage and alleviate their back and joint pain from the comfort of their homes, without any equipment other than a smartphone needed.

Joint Academy’s treatments are available through the Joint Academy app, which can be downloaded through App Store or Google Play.

For more information, contact:
Sandy Errestad
VP of Communications
[email protected]