Aids to relieve joint pain

Living with joint pain can be very strenuous, regardless of its cause. Constant chronic pain can contribute to fatigue and despondency, and in some cases even depression. Quite simply, this can affect your whole life – sometimes to the extent that even the simplest of tasks feel overwhelming. In this case, it is particularly important to have access to aids to make life easier. This may include everything from a walking cane to ergonomic cooking accessories. Many people also use knee guards when they have osteoarthritis.

Living with joint pain

Just like many other joint diseases, osteoarthritis is an illness that comes in waves. This means that the aches appear particularly noticeable during certain periods, without any visible reason. In periods when the pain is worse, it can be extremely hard to bear without some form of pain relief. At the same time, in periods when it feels better, it is easy to forget to continue training. However, you should continue to exercise even when you feel fine to prevent the pain from returning.

If you are in a lot of pain or feel unstable, there are aids that can facilitate physical activity. For example, many people use knee guards when they have osteoarthritis. If you have hip pain, it may be more comfortable to use a cane when you go out for a walk. It can reduce the load on the painful joints and make walking easier. If you have osteoarthritis in the fingers or hand, there are supporting braces available, known as orthoses.

Medicines and aids if you have osteoarthritis

There are both medicines and other types of aids for people suffering from joint pain. Generally, simple non-prescription medicines are recommended, in the form of anti-inflammatory medicines. If you have other illnesses or take regular medication, you should always consult a doctor before starting to take medication. This will ensure that both the medicine and the dose are correct.

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In addition to pain relieving medication, there are other forms of aids that may be useful for people suffering from osteoarthritis. These can be obtained quickly and easily from a pharmacy, a health center store or similar.

Using a wrist or knee brace to relieve the strain and to heat the joint can feel both comfortable and safe for many people suffering from osteoarthritis. There is also specially designed protective equipment for the back and neck, for example a back corset. This is a really good aid for people who work in a seated position. It may also be useful to have a heated cushion available, as heat tends to have a pain relieving effect while simultaneously softening the joints.

Other aids to help with joint pain

One of the most common aids are orthoses which support the joints. They can also make you feel stronger. In principle, they are available for all joints and you can try them out and obtain them from most pharmacies, health center stores or similar. If you have osteoarthritis in the hip and find it hard to walk, it may help to use a crutch or a cane. In the colder months, protection against slipping such as spikes may offer stability and security.

If you have difficulties in your everyday life, such as using a bottle opener, cutting bread or reaching for things, there are aids for this as well. A whole range of tools have been developed for the home, such as specially designed bread knives, household scissors and gripping aids. There are also gripping devices for people who find it difficult to reach out or bend down to pick something up.

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