Physical Therapist – the profession explained

Many people who suffer from joint pain or who have received an osteoarthritis diagnosis get a referral or choose to visit a Physical Therapist. This profession works within the healthcare system. They specialize in healing, repairing and preventing damage in the joints and muscles. The most important work tasks are examining, assessing and treating. This is done primarily with the help of different, customized motions.

The importance of getting help from a Physical Therapist

A Physical Therapist can assess the degree of motor function, strength, mobility and pain that few others can to the same extent. Their job is to examine, assess, prevent and alleviate injuries and illnesses. This can involve both joints as well as muscles, but also nerves. This occupation also helps to spread knowledge and has the expertise at both the organizational and individual level. Seeking the assistance of a Physical Therapist can be of great benefit to people suffering from osteoarthritis.

A Physical Therapist can also help you perform training exercises at home.

Something that is recommended by international guidelines are so-called arthritis patient education programs. All county councils offer education programs led by Physical Therapists and/or occupational therapists. This is where the affected person can get valuable information about osteoarthritis and take advantage of both individualized training as well as group training. This occurs in groups together with other people in the same situation. The most important information to understand from a patient education program is to eat well and exercise regularly.

This is a philosophy that you can adopt in your everyday life without having to visit a patient education program. The affected person can always exercise on their own. Everything from walking and bicycle tours to gardening and swimming are examples of good exercise options that keep the body moving. However, everyone experiences osteoarthritis friendly, so individualized training is important. Change and variation is important. This also applies to performing exercises with the right technique. For this reason, it can be a good idea to visit a Physical Therapist even if you are going to perform the training at home.

Talk to a Physical Therapist online

People who do not have the ability to visit a physical clinic or a patient education program can now do it virtually via their mobile phone. Thanks to the apt Joint Academy, people with osteoarthritis in their knee or hips can contact a Physical Therapist. This is where each patient can describe their symptoms and a personal training program is put together. The treatment is coordinated and monitored by a personal Physical Therapist.

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